Hello, world!

Welcome to my little corner of the web, where I will be posting my reviews and thoughts about my ever growing watch collection.
These will not be horological deep dives into the history of the watch, or long and detailed desciptions about the movements etc., just a simple look at the affordable watches I love and have in my collection. I will also post some reviews of watches my friends and family owns and maybe even a few thoughts about watches I am lusting after and investigating (which is a very long list indeed). You will not find 1000 dollar watches here, or anthing even close to that. Just Great watches at great prices and offer super value for your hard earned dollars. Enjoy.


For one reason or another, there are some watches that just have that "IT" factor. They offer the very best value for money, and the look great. When looking to purchase a watch, especially as a gift, you can not go wrong with any of these watches. Seriously, it would be impossible to go wrong with any of these watches.


Casio Super Illuminator
Awesome desk diver from Casio with a twist - Super Illuminator! Twin LED's light this bad boy up like nobodies business, making this a stand out in the crowded field of diver style watches.

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Casio Duro
The one and only, the legend, the Casio MDV106, AKA the Casio Duro / Casio Marlin. The biggest and best bang for buck analog divers watch ever. Get one!

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Orient Ray Raven II
The Orient Ray Raven II, a dark and sexy dive watch that flies under the radar but is one hell of a deal. Stunning watch.

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