Casio Super Illuminator - "Black Betty"

Awesome desk diver from Casio with a twist - Super Illuminator! Twin LED's light this bad boy up like nobodies business, making this a stand out in the crowded field of diver style watches. (Wrist Shots and photos below.)
Quietly Watching VFM* Rating: 8.5/10

The Casio Black Betty, Reference MTD-1079D-1AVCF, is a Stainless Steel Japanese Quartz powered Diver watch. Selling between $65-120 USD at the time of writing, the Black Betty is exceptional value for the price of around $70.00 USD I was able to buy it at.

The Casio Super Illuminator has a case diameter of 44 millimeters, putting it on the bigger side, but wears well with a lug to lug of 50 millimeters. Shipping with a Stainless Steel bracelet, this watch has a lug width of 22 millimeters. Swapping bands for a new leather strap, nato, rubber or silicon band or even a new bracelet offers you a few variations for just a few dollars more.

This Japanese Quartz powered watch weighs in at 150 grams as shipped, with a case thickness of 14 millimeters. As this is a dive watch, it may be on the thicker side, even the quartz or solar powered divers. This is expected and needed to provide proper water resistance.

The case is Stainless Steel with a 120-click uni-directional aluminum bezel and sports a Mineral crystal with a water resistance rating of 100 meters.

The Casio Black Betty Analog display with Black dial, Lume and Led Illuminator and a Day Date complication give this watch a 8.5 out of 10 rating in my value for money scale. (*VFM)

Dubbed Black Betty, by me, since many watches have nick names, I have to give them all names now, lest one of them feel's left out.

This watch snuck up on me as I was just browsing about on Amazon. The twin LED light function to light up the dial, and tough looking watch caught my fancy, especially at 69$ with free shipping.

It has a full day-date complication, and the cross hairs on the dial give it a cool/different look. Red tipped seconds hand generally hit the marks, and the led lights are awesome. There is some lume, but not needed really, so the fact that is is just so - so doesn't bother me.

The 24 hour / military time is a nice touch, and the bezel is good if not even really good. No back play and everything lines up nicely, thank you very much Casio - Good job. The applied markers are good and the printed bits are sharp. It is a simple push pull crown, hence the only 100m WR. Screw-down case back with specs and such listed and easy to read and letting us know it is module 5373.

Would I recommend this over the Casio Duro, which is about 20 dollars cheaper? No, not as a one or the other choice, but as a follow up watch to grow your collection of affordable and cool watches? 100 percent, especially if you get it under 70 USD. Anything above that price, and I would say maybe wait for a sale, but it is up to you.

QW 5 Star Rating :

Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Photos

Casio Super Illuminator
Casio Super Illuminator
Casio Super Illuminator
Casio Super Illuminator